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Oct 11, 2016

Every bank or credit union understands the value and in hearing the customer, what gets lost in the mix is putting forth a simple system than gains very quick and effective results that can be used to significantly increase revenue and improve the customer experience.  In this episode, the host John Siracusa interviews Ed Gundrum, CEO of DoublePort which is an Authorized Partner of HappyOrNot They discuss multiple ways to increase customer feedback by 30% or more.


About the guest


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About The Host

John Siracusa is the creator of #BankSocial, the first banking conference solely dedicated to content marketing and social media for banks and credit unions.

He is also the creator of the #CaseStudySummit, a live online conference over a 30 day period that brings together the biggest collection of unique bank and credit union case study stories. He’s the host of “The Bank On It Show,” a banking and social media Podcast that is available on iTunes, Stitcher and iHeartRadio for download. Be sure to follow him on Twitter @JohnSiracusa for industry news and updates.