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Jul 12, 2016

In this episode, Kristen Stogniew interviews John Siracusa on how to be successful regardless of environment and with a tremendous lack of resources.

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About Kristen:

Kristen has been in the bank consulting business since the 6th grade. Really. Her dad started a consulting business literally out of her home after years of being an actual banker. She worked with him, her mom and sister, and lots of great associates over years with the firm – they ingrained in her a deep caring for community bankers and their concerns.  About the same time that she graduated law school and passed the bar, “compliance” was becoming a bank (uh, examiner) concern. So, she started doing compliance audits for several local banks, which led to so many other related assignments and travels she can’t even count.   She feels blessed to have formed relationships with so many great bankers and advisors over the years!

She joined the CPA firm of Saltmarsh, Cleaveland & Gund not long after her dad died. Saltmarsh has had a great reputation for over 70 years, and a disproportionately large base of community bank and credit union clients.  She spends time in the field, but, mostly supports Saltmarsh’s team of financial institution consultants who do internal audits, compliance reviews and other consulting - day in and out - helping banks and credit unions operate safely, soundly and in compliance with so many regulatory requirements.  And, sometimes they even have fun.

Kristen’s passion for social media in the industry started three years ago. She was asked to teach a class on social media compliance for a local banker association and learned the basic “hows” and “whys” from her awesome sister, who runs her own marketing agency.  Kristen believes there is a TON of potential for this great industry to use social media, which, let’s be honest, could use better PR in the eyes of the general public, the regulators, and certainly the next generation of customers.   But, the typical banker (or CPA, auditor, or attorney for that matter!) doesn’t come born wearing the toolbelt for success in social media.


Salt Marsh Website


About John:

John Siracusa is the creator of #BankSocial the first banking conference solely dedicated to content marketing and social media. He’s the host of "The Bank On It Show," a banking and social media Podcast that is available on iTunes and Stitcher for download. Be sure to follow him on Twitter @JohnSiracusa for industry news and updates.