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Jul 19, 2016

In order to grow today banks and credit unions need partners and suppliers in order to grow with capabilities that are not necessarily readily available in house.  Flexible contracts are key, yet, how can contracts get created with flexibility and the ability to change built in?  This is what our guest today is here to discuss.  Aaron Silva from Paladin-FS are going to discuss

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Aaron Silva is the founder, president and CEO of Paladin fs, the hard-hitting negotiator redefining the status quo in Core and IT banking contracts. He is also the founder of the Golden Contract Coalition, an alliance of banking industry professionals leveraging their collective influence to address the contract disparities with national Core and IT vendors.


Silva cut his teeth in contract negotiations spending two decades in senior executive positions selling Core and IT services to bankers across the country. After recognizing there was a lack of market intelligence and pricing data offered to community banks and credit unions, Silva founded Paladin fs in 2007 to level the playing field between financial institutions and their vendors. Since 2009, Paladin’s extensive market research and insider know-how have helped bankers execute winning contract negotiations and reclaim more than $125 million in tangible cost savings.


Silva is a sought-after speaker for national banking and credit union events and is a published writer on strategic and technology issues facing the industry. His research has been the foundation for highly-regarded studies on pricing disparities and hidden costs in vendor contracts, developed by the Business Performance Innovation Network.


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