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Nov 28, 2016

In this episode the host John Siracusa and his guest John Fishback from CEB discuss how banks and credit unions should be looking at product innovation beyond just delivery innovation.  This episode will teach you how to think about product innovation and what that actually means.

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Posts by John Fishback and CEB on the #BankSocial Blog.

Differentiate Your Bank, Emulate The Modern Thermostat

The Digital Tipping Point: New Reasons For Retail Banking

The Digital Tipping Point: (Implication One) A New Reason For Purchase

The Digital Tipping Point: (Implication Two) A New Reason For Loyalty

The Digital Tipping Point: (Implication Three) A New-in-Kind Relationship

The Digital Tipping Point: (Implication Four) A New Call For Leadership


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About The Host

John Siracusa is the creator of #BankSocial, the first banking conference solely dedicated to content marketing and social media for banks and credit unions.

He is also the creator of the #CaseStudySummit, a live online conference over a 30 day period that brings together the biggest collection of unique bank and credit union case study stories. He’s the host of “The Bank On It Show,” a banking and social media Podcast that is available on iTunes, Stitcher and iHeartRadio for download. Be sure to follow him on Twitter @JohnSiracusa for industry news and updates.