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Nov 27, 2017

In this episode the host John Siracusa and the co-host Sarah Bacehowski Interview Kevin Tweddle from the ICBA and discuss the biggest trends in Fintech and how banks should navigate through it all and prioritize what's important.  

They tackle the questions like:

"Is blockchain worth it?"

"How can banks use AI right now?"

"How important is an open banking API?"

Tune in to listen.

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John Siracusa is the host "Bank On It Show" he is a Fintech Mentor, Bank Mentor and the creator of the #BankSocial Brand.  Follow him on Twitter.

Sarah Bacehowski is the president of Mills Marketing in Des Moines and has 13+ years experience in banking and strategy.  Follow Mills Marketing on Twitter.

Kevin Tweddle is the Group EVP, Innovation and Fintech at The Independent Community Bankers of America.  Follow him on Twitter and follow @icba.