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Dec 12, 2017

In this episode the host John Siracusa and co-host Sarah Bacehowski. Interview Kirk Drake author of CU 2.0.
Kirk has years of experience partnering fintechs and financial institutions together and through that experience has learned best practices in garnering a healthy relationship.
They tackle the questions like:
"What provisions should be in contracts?"
"Who should own the customer experience?"
"Whos API should the partnership build on?"
Tune in to listen.
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John Siracusa is the host "Bank On It Show" he is a Fintech Mentor, Bank Mentor and the creator of the #BankSocial Brand. Follow him on LinkedIn or Twitter
Sarah Bacehowski is the president of Mills Marketing in Des Moines and has 13+ years experience in banking and strategy. Follow Mills Marketing on Twitter.
Kirk Drake is the president and CEO - Ongoing Operations, LLC & Author and Founder - Credit Union 2.0. Follow him on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook