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Oct 4, 2018

Every week the show host John Siracusa talks with amazing fintech leaders and entrepreneurs, through conversation uncovers the amazing stories behind them, their creations and the most important topics in fintech.

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These interviews took place during Boston fintech week, in this episode John talks with Ron Shevlin, Christina Qi from Domeyard, Jennifer Lum from Forge.AI and Mario Hernandez from Impesa.

Ron has the pulse of banking and fintech partnerships and he feels that bank/fintech partnerships are not the answer to question about fintech.  Instead he feels fintech assimilation is. He feels based on research that people don’t want financial health, they want financial performance.

Christina is a brilliant entrepreneur and is currently on the Forbes 30 under 30 list.  John and Christina talk about the lack of speed in AI and the importance of Quant engineering.  

Jennifer is on her 5th startup and it’s called Forge.AI, The use case of AI that she finds super valuable is the ability to turn unstructured data into structured information and she’s betting on that use and trend.  

Mario is a banking leader turned fintech entrepreneur.  He discussed how becoming a black belt in Karate influenced his company culture which is skewed younger and how he’s going from suit to red sneakers.  


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In this episode:

Ron Shevlin LinkedIn - Twitter

Christina QI, from Domeyard LinkedIn - Twitter

Jennifer Lum, Forge.AI LinkedIn - Twitter

Mario Hernandez, from Impesa LinkedIn - Twitter


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About the host:

John is the host of the 2x weekly "Bank On It” podcast recorded onsite from the CG offices and a highly sought after fintech, VC and financial services industry enthusiast and connector. He’s in the center of the fintech ecosystem keeping current with the ever - innovating industry.

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