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Feb 22, 2024

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In this episode, the host John Siracusa had a remote chat with Luke Babich, co-founder and CEO of Clever, Clever Real Estate is a platform that connects consumers with trusted real estate professionals and provides educational content for home buyers and sellers to simplify their decision making process. During this conversation Luke discussed his journey and the challenges he faced in building Clever. Running for city counsel and losing was a valuable learning lesson which taught him leadership skills and overcoming things such as imposter syndrome. Right before they created Clever, he partnered with Ben, (his co-founder at Clever), to invest in real estate and eventually transitioned to building Clever. There were so many nuggets he shared such as the contrast between small high-caliber teams and larger teams, emphasizing the importance of focusing on value rather than headcount and the processes that set Clever up for true sustainable growth.


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