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Jun 24, 2020

About this nugget:

This nugget was pulled from episode 255 from an interview with Jamie Hale,  Cofounder & CEO of Ladder. This nugget is on the right founders coming together.

What is a nugget of the week?: 

The host John Siracusa has recorded over 300 episodes as the host of the Bank On It fintech podcast where he interviews founders building the future of fintech and the VCS/Angels who fund them. 

With each interview there’s this wow moment when the person interviewed has shared something really special, unique or a reminder on how founders or investors should think. So, here we are delivering those moments to you in the form of a bite sized nugget.

About Jamie Hale:

Jamie is a Co-founder and CEO of Ladder. He believes life insurance is a fundamentally great product for families and communities and so built Ladder to be the smart, modern way to insure life.

About the host: 

John Siracusa, is the host of the ‘Bank On It’ podcast recorded onsite in Wall Street at OpenFin.   He’s a highly sought after fintech, VC and financial services industry enthusiast and connector. He’s in the center of the fintech ecosystem, keeping current with the ever-innovating industry.  Stay in the fintech know by subscribing to ‘Bank On It’.

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