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Oct 16, 2018

Every week the show host John Siracusa talks with amazing fintech leaders and entrepreneurs, through conversation uncovers the amazing stories behind them, their creations and the most important topics in fintech.


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In this episode the host John Siracusa chats with Phill Rosen, co-founder & CEO at Even Financial.   Phill was previously a co-founder at Orchard Platform, which was acquired by Kabbage in April 2017.  John & Phill discussed raising money for new ventures, company culture, increasing employee interaction and how banking customers won’t use a banking app like BOFA’s (as an example) to find the financial service products that they want.  Instead he feels that financial services products are a transactional thing that people engage with in order to get the things that they want to when and where they want to get it. That ecosystem is the transactional transportation money hub and Even Financial is helping banks plug into that ecosystem to continue to play a role in consumer transactions.   Listen in if you want to learn about an omnichannel banking experience and some funny stories on culture.


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About the host:

John is the host of the 2x weekly "Bank On It” podcast recorded onsite from the CG offices and a highly sought after fintech, VC and financial services industry enthusiast and connector. He’s in the center of the fintech ecosystem keeping current with the ever - innovating industry.

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