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Dec 20, 2018

Every week the show host John Siracusa talks with amazing fintech leaders and entrepreneurs, through conversation uncovers the amazing stories behind them, their creations and the most important topics in fintech.


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In this episode the host John Siracusa chats with Jane Leung, Managing Director, Chief Investment Officer at Scenic Advisement. Scenic is an investment bank created for today's late-stage private companies and the people who build and fund them.  During the interview she stated that companies are staying private longer and they discussed the investment trends currently available due to this.  

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About the host:


John is the host of the twice-weekly “Bank On It” podcast recorded onsite at offices of Carpenter Group, a creative services agency focused on the financial services industry. He’s a highly sought after fintech, VC and financial services industry enthusiast and connector. He’s in the center of the fintech ecosystem, keeping current with the ever-innovating industry.


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